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PhD scholarship

2018-2022: Emile Durkheim Centre, Sciences Po Bordeaux, under the supervision of Andy



Visiting doctoral student

December 2018: ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

January-November 2019: French Institute for the Near East, Amman, Jordan

January-June 2020: Centre of International studies (CERI), Sciences Po Paris, France


Associate doctoral student

January 2020-January 2022: French Institute of the Near East

September 2021- September 2025: French Collaborative Institute on Migration


International projects

• POWERS Project (Peace, War, and the world in European security challenges), IEP Bordeaux, Funded by Erasmus+.

• MAGYC Project (Migration Governance and asYlum Crises), IFPO, Funded by H2020.

Axe(s) de recherche

Recherche en cours

Fieldwork (2017-2021) : Jordan, Hungary, Greece

Responsabilités scientifiques et institutionnelles

  • Co-animation de l'Axe Sociologie de l'international


  • • 2021 Janvier-Juin : Assistante d’enseignement de Dawn Chatty, « Displacement and Dispossession in the Modern Middle East », Master 2, PSIA Sciences Po Paris.
  • 2021 Janvier-Juin : Assistante d’enseignement de Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury, « Contentious Politics, Uprisings And Social Movements In The Middle East », Master 2, PSIA Sciences Po Paris.
  • 2020 Septembre-Décembre : Assistante d’enseignement de Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury, « Refugee governance and policy in the Middle East ». Master 2, PSIA Sciences Po Paris.
  • 2020 Janvier-Juin : Assistante d’enseignement de Prof. Deborah Wheeler, « A New Middle East? Ethnographic reflections on (geo)political transformations ». Master 2, PSIA Sciences Po Paris.

Principales publications

• “Tribune. Fire in the camp of Moria: is the worst over?” Libération, 11 September 2020, https://www.liberation.fr/debats/2020/09/11/incendie-dans-le-camp-de-moria-le-pire-estil-passe_1799197 [French newspaper]

• “Authoritarianism in Jordan, a transnational production – Interview with Benjamin Schuetze”, Noria research, June 2021, https://noria-research.com/authoritarianism-injordan/

• “The Jordan Compact’s Failure to Create Jobs and Power Exports – Explaining a Missed Opportunity”, Noria Research, December 2021.



• Book chapter: “The thickness of the syro-jordanian borderland, from transit zone to border encampement”, Kamel Doraï and Ayham Dallal (eds.), to be published 2022. (in French and English).

• Peer-reviewed journal: “Containing asylum seekers at the borderlands: Humanitarian work in Greece and Jordan”, 2022. (in English).


Work in progress

• “Geography of Securitization in Hungary: From the Construction of European Mental Borders to the Negation of Asylum Rights”. (in English).

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