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Séminaire co-organisé avec l'Axe SENS du Centre Émile Durkheim

Climate change as social change

Thomas Scheffer
Sociologue à l'université Goethe de Francfort
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How do societies live up to the challenge of climate change? The talk seeks answers by ethnomethodologically interrogating core stages of realizing climate change. They are placed on three levels each providing certain scopes to observe realization: instances of mundane reasoning, sociotechnical apparatuses, and the disposition of their capacities. This exploration complicates predominant versions of change in social climate research. Social change proves itself as neither missing nor up-to-date, as neither driven by „new ways of thinking” nor fulfilled by „technological fixes“, as neither to down or bottom up. Rather, climate change infiltrates a growing range of stages, each mediating options, limitations, and conflicts on what to do next. As a conclusion, the talk sketches how stages of realization are interlinked across levels and scopes and how they make visible alarming discrepancies and non-simultaneity. 

Discutant : Antoine Hardy 
doctorant en science politique au Centre Émile Durkheim
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Début : 24 mars 2023 à 10:30
Fin : 24 mars 2023 à 12:30
format hybride, site Sciences Po Bordeaux, salle Touchard, en ligne (sur inscription)