Salafist impregnation of Muslim youth in France: a challenge to the Republic?

Catégorie : Article dans une revue

Auteur(s) : Lætitia Bucaille , Agnès Villechaise

Nom de la revue : European Review of International Studies

pp. 5-23

Année de publication : 2018

Résumé :

Based on qualitative research, this article aims to shed some light on the criticism of the functioning of French society by youths of North African origin influenced by a Salafist reading of Islam. The arguments put forward, which draw largely on a religious theme, must be taken seriously. However, the references to a “Salafised” world of meaning are not exclusive and they coexist with an attachment to other, more liberal values. We will therefore endeavour to determine whether the criticism expressed generates separatist attitudes or whether it leads to individual and collective strategies founded on a dual cultural allegiance. Without denying the ambivalences or weaknesses, it is necessary to accurately clarify the identity constructs and social trajectories of the working-class youths studied here.

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