Introduction: the European Parliament at a crossroads

Catégorie : Article dans une revue

Auteur(s) : Nathalie Brack , Olivier Costa

Nom de la revue : Journal of Legislative Studies

pp. 1-10

Année de publication : 2018

Résumé :

This introductory article discusses the rationale and the aim of this special issue on the European Parliament. Examining the ongoing multidimensional crisis the EU is facing, it emphasizes how the current content has reduced the EU output legitimacy. It also argues that the Parliament has been affected by the recent developments. On the one hand, it has been further empowered with the Lisbon Treaty and the Spitzenkandidaten procedure. On the other hand, the management of the crisis has been essentially intergovernmental and the EP has been sidelined. A second section critically discusses the literature on the EP and highlights the need to further develop our understanding of this institution, which cannot yet be called a ‘normal parliament’. It then presents the articles composing this special issue.

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