Development of a Local Health-Enhancing Physical Activity Policy Analysis Tool in France: CAPLA-Santé

Catégorie : Article dans une revue

Auteur(s) : Antoine Noël Racine , Aurélie van Hoye , Amandine Baron , Flore Lecomte , Jean-Marie Garbarino , Bernard Massiera , Marina Honta , Anne Vuillemin

Nom de la revue : Health Promotion Practice

pp. 540-548

Année de publication : 2021

Résumé :

The promotion of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) has become a key objective in public health policy. Therefore, based on the national HEPA Policy Audit Tool Version 2 (HEPA PAT v2) of the World Health Organization, a tool was designed to support local governments in assessing HEPA policies. This study aims to describe the adaptation and testing of the HEPA policy analysis tool (CAPLA-Santé) at the local level in France. The work was conducted in three stages: (1) an intersec-toral group of experts was constituted, and the group adapted each item of the HEPA PAT v2 tool to the local level; (2) a testing phase with seven local governments helped to collect data and feedback on the tool; and (3) a final workshop was organized to adjust and finalize the tool. The final version of CAPLA-Santé contains 21 items divided into six major sections: overview of HEPA stakeholders in the local government area, policy documents , policy contents, funding and political engagement , studies and measures relating to physical activity in the local government area, and progress achieved and future challenges. CAPLA-Santé allows the collection and in-depth analysis of local level policies to assess the progress in promoting HEPA and intersectoral collaboration as well as identifying successful policy levers and remaining challenges.

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